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Apr 29, 2007


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Quotidian Grace

How awful! Prayers arising...


Freaking out. I was just there buying stuff for the mom and sis when I was just in KC. Praying for all concerned.

Michael W. Kruse

It is remarkable that more people were not killed or injured. He killed to in the parking lot but only seriously injured on person in the mall after covering half the length of the mall. At least for that we can be thankful.


There was a surprisingly small write up about this on the third page of our paper in Cedar Rapids IA no less.

I guess these types of things must be seen as more commonplace that they don't even really register on our radar screen much anymore?

Michael W. Kruse

The lack of coverage my have to do with mercifully few casualities involved compared to what could have happened. Also, there just aren't many details to report at this point beyond what has been reported. Frankly, not covering it too widely is fine by me. No reason to give other disturbed people more ideas.

Michael W. Kruse

News this evening says the shooter, who was in his sixties, had a history of mental problems. His sister tried to have him committed in 2005 but was unsuccessful. A neighbor said he was big into UFOs and conspiracy theories.

It also turns out that he rigged his house with explosives. The bomb squad unit has been working at his house most of the day.

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